The alluring effect of the endless greens of a golf course, the perfectly manicured soccer pitch, the lush green cricket outfield, or a beautiful lawn, all have one common element - the green turf grass.
Well-manicured natural live grass surfaces are a combination of right choices and correct decisions. Selecting the precise breed of grass for your purpose, the right weather to plant the seeds, the suitable type of soil, curating the lawn and other such activities constitute the foundation of having flourishing-green grass. So, having good green grass turf is more technique than providence. And at 5S Turf, we have mastered that.
At Five S Turf we have products and solutions for domestic, institutional, professional, and environmental turf and turf care applications. We are committed to help you in your endeavour of adding turf grass greens into your life and keeping your greens – greener.
Whether you are a course superintendent, greens-keeper, hobby gardener, facility manager, pitch curator, grounds-man, landscape architect, landscape designer, environmentalist, Five S Turf LLP with its range of offerings of turf grass seeds, sprigs, sod, mowers and maintenance and renovation machinery is the one stop shop for all your turf grass and turf care requirements.