Tractor Towed

Wessex RMX-240 2.4M Rigid-Deck Roller Mower

At 2.54m wide the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on roads. Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring costs of a folding wing model, yet still offering a 2.4m cut width, the RMX-240 is our most popular roller mower.


Allett Kensington 20H

One machine for complete turfcare. Designed for home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Kensington Petrol Garden Mower is the ultimate cartridge machine in the Allett Homeowner Range. With the interchangeable cartridges, the Kensington can switch over from an only grass cutting machine to a verticutter, dethatcher, aerator, and scarifier.

Allett Buckingham 30H

Shining with heritage, craftsmanship and quality, the Allett Buckingham can deliver a fine, close-up, professional finish, and bring magnificent stripes to any garden.

Allett Westminister 20H

The superb, close-cut precision of the Westminster Petrol Lawn Mower is suitable for the maintenance of cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens and the finest formal ornamental lawns.

Allett C27 / C34

Designed to meet requests from groundsmen in Europe and the USA, the Allett C27 and C34 mowers offer the professional sheer versatility with the ease of the C-Range of interchangeable cartridge heads. Not only is there the convenience of performing multiple turf maintenance tasks using one machine, owners such as sports clubs, turf maintenance contractors and other professionals also benefit from the value of the investment.

Allett Buffalo 27 8-Bladed reel mower

The Buffalo truly is the great ‘all-rounder’ in the Allett lineup, capable of producing a first-class finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even wet conditions.

Uplift 86

The Allett Uplift 86 is built on the experience gained with previous models, and the feedback of groundsmen, to create an 86cm/34” solid and dependable stadium rotary mower. Twin contra rotating blades produce a high lift cut and vacuum for increased efficiency while a full width rear roller produces the most perfect stripes.

Battery Operated

Allett Liberty Series Battery Cylinder

Joining the green EV revolution, Allett brings battery operated mowers for home owners which are emission free, and wireless. Experience freedom from trailing or being tethered to an electric cable. The Liberty range offers a greener, quieter alternative to help keep your lawn perfectly striped and in pristine condition. The Liberty series comes in three sizes and models.

Allett C34 Evolution

Allett powers into the new age of electric mowers with the C34 Evolution, the large area, walk behind cylinder mower. The latest Lithium Ion system battery technology drives the future of mowing systems for sports stadiums, training grounds and prestige lawns, without compromise and with all the attributes of the Allett heritage.

Allett Uplift 86 Evolution

The Allett Uplift 86 Evolution is an exciting addition to the Allett Evolution battery powered range. It has been designed to cut and vacuum quickly and efficiently with operator ease in mind whilst still producing strong contrasting stripes