As a Greenkeeper, you have a primary target; perfection from the Green until the Tee. The SandFiller is able to help you in your aspiration, or aspirations. Every professional that is working on a golf course is aware that scarifying and sand-filling are the perfect combination to attenuate and maintaining and improving of the drainage system. We are combining scarifying, removal and sand-filling in just one operation. Consequently, this working method can be executed by one person. Unlike other working methods which require around 6 people.

Scarifying and sand-filling

As the foundation of the SandFiller we are making use of the clarified principle of the much-praised Combinator. The slitting rotor is provided with carbide scarifying blades and an attachment to the blades that create wind in order to lift the removed material. The blades are available in a thickness of 2, 3 and 4 mm and can be positioned on a centre-to-centre distance of 2, 4, 6 and 8 cm.

The scarifying blades are removing the thatch until 4 cm depth. Following the scarified and removed material is immediately distributed to a sideways-tipping container. Consequently, you do not need to brush and dispose the material after the operation. After you have emptied the sideways-tipping container, you can simply refill the container with drainage sand.

The present sand hopper can be filled with dried sand. This pure dried sand is immediately applied to the trench after it has been scarified, by means of a broad hydraulically powered sand conveyer belt and the stainless-steel sand fill unit.

As a result of the immediate filling of the scarified trenches, the upper layer can stay stable. After the operation, the fairway will instantly be available for use again.

We are extremely proud of the operation of our SandFiller; proud to contribute to the highest possible qualification of a Green. Green 10/10